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What makes Wingman awesome

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Less hassle

Easier application
Even with 1 hand
Even in the dark


Maximum feel

Thinnest condom out there
Soft and flexible


Safer use

No hands-on contact
Always the right way up
No need to squeeze tip

How does it work?


Grab the wings with the logo facing up


Push both wings down simultaneously


Remove the wings...
and have a safe flight!



Our goal was to develop an entirely new condom that does what it’s supposed to do without you noticing it’s even there. We didn’t think we were alone in this – and we were right: 1407 users shared our views: 83% of users find Wingman the best condom on the market. That’s why we’re convinced that Wingman is for you. Read more about Wingman or try it yourself and we predict you’ll never want to use a different condom!

couple in love
“We think it’s a great invention. Hassle-free and more pleasure: What more could you want? ”